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Published on April 14th, 2021 | by Daniel Sherman Fernandez


How Much Is The Suzuki Swift Sports Overseas?

Here is what it costs to buy this Swift Sports In other countries.

The Suzuki Swift launch and price reveal a few days ago created a stir on social media with some Malaysians saying the brand will ‘not last’ and ‘no point even launching’ as the selling price for this imported from Japan Suzuki was RM139k.

By the way, this exact Swift model’s selling price in the UK starts from 14,999 pound sterling which is about (RM85,129 before local taxes and shipping).

Suzuki Swift Sports selling price_England

In Singapore, this Swift Sports retails at SGD131,000 for the manual version and SGD151,000 for the automatic version which is similar to the version sold here (this is a whopping RM402,086 with the Singapore COE included which alone is about SGD45,600). 

Suzuki Swift Sports selling price_Singapore

Australians get the exact same Swift Sport as us and their selling price is AUS30,990 (which is about RM97,515 before local Malaysian taxes).

Suzuki Swift Sports selling price_Australia

If you reach out to car traders in Japan, the home of this Suzuki Swift, the selling price starts from USD22,300 before shipping, insurance and local Malaysian taxes which is about RM92,199.00.

Suzuki Swift Sports selling price_Japan

It looks like buyers in England are getting the best price for this premium compact hot hatch and this is probably why all the online reviews of the Swift from England are very positive. Its nearest rivals are the all compact European and Korean models. 

Then came negative comments about the lack of a manual version and a 6-speed auto version was a waste of time. This from people who will probably ‘talk about driving a manual’ but will never have the money ‘to buy a manual.

Just like a few years ago when Bermaz launched the latest Mazda MX5 and some motoring media commented on how they should also have a manual version. The management listened and imported a handful of manual MX5’s and no motoring media came forward to buy one. All talk and no action!

It took some time for these units to find owners and it is a fact that many Malaysian car buyers might talk about driving a manual, but will never buy one.  

BHP_Euro5 Diesel_2021

Also, at the launch of the new Suzuki showroom and the Swift Sports last Friday with the Malaysian media, there were a lot of negative comments about its selling price from the media who have NOT done their research into the USED selling prices for this Suzuki Swift by used car dealers.

Do a search online and a few units of the Suzuki Swift will appear all between 3 to 4 years old. Prices hover between RM129,000 to RM132,000 for a 4-year-old 2017 model and this is the very same specification of the model that was launched by Naza Eastern Motors for an estimated RM139k (With SST discount). Why would any sane person buy a used 4-year car for RM129k when the brand new model is just RM139k with full warranty and service package included. 

Suzuki Swift Sports selling price_rear

So, it looks like the used Suzuki importers will have to slash their selling prices even more in coming weeks to clear their Suzuki stocks. 

So, looking at the information presented above, you now should have a clear picture why this 2021 model Suzuki Swift Sports is priced at RM139k and understand better that most of what you pay for the car goes to import taxes as this is a fully imported vehicle. 

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