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Published on June 10th, 2021 | by Daniel Sherman Fernandez


Page-Roberts Shows Its Standing EV Battery Concept Vehicle

Standing ev battery will increase driving range and free up internal space.

With the rush to bring to market full electric powered vehicles, current car manufacturers are not really being innovative in the way they are delivering new products. Then there are new auto brands emerging from China with big technology backing and they are pushing hard into the market with attractive pricing.

Until now every new electric vehicle launched, cars, vans, trucks and even busses have had their batteries positioned flat on the vehicle platform and about in the center. 

The much talked about Hyundai IONIQ, the BYD electric bus and the Volvo heavy duty electric truck all have their batteries sitting on their platform floor to free up as much space inside the cab and also provide good handling. 

Page-Roberts Standing EV Battery_Porsche Taycan flat battery

Now comes a brand new way to deliver an electric vehicle

London-based start-up Page-Roberts does not approach the issue of range with larger batteries, but rather with efficiency. A vehicle concept that has now been presented relies on a new installation position for the energy storage device, which should bring a total of up to 30 percent more range per charge.

If electric cars usually use a battery built into the vehicle floor, the British place the energy storage device upright in the passenger compartment between the two rows of seats. The Page Roberts concept provides rear-facing rear seats so that the rear passengers do not sit in front of a battery wall.

Page-Roberts Standing EV Battery_2021

Up to 30 percent more efficient

Batteries in the vehicle floor ensure a low center of gravity, but from a certain size they also require larger dimensions. The wheelbase becomes longer, the vehicle height increases. 

With the upright battery, Page-Roberts promises more compact vehicles and lower vehicle heights. The resulting aerodynamic advantage is intended to increase efficiency. E-cars could continue to drive like this, or car manufacturers could install smaller batteries without sacrificing range. With smaller energy storage devices, the vehicle mass would also decrease, which in turn would benefit the range.

Page-Roberts sees more design freedom and manufacturing costs for the entire vehicle that are reduced by up to 36 percent as further advantages of his installation concept. In addition, passengers positioned backwards to the direction of travel should be able to enjoy more comfort and a view. The space in front of the rear axle also offers more crash safety. And if nobody is traveling with you, a large cargo space can easily be configured from the rear seat system.

The British Start-up Page-Roberts is promising up to 30 percent more range and up to 36 percent lower production costs for electric cars with a new installation position for the battery. Sounds great….. for now. 

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