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Published on April 22nd, 2022 | by Daniel Sherman Fernandez


BMW 7 Series Delivers A Cabin That Rivals Any Bentley Cabin

Has BMW 7 Series reached a new level of cabin refinement or not?

It is clear from the almost 3,000-word explanation in the all new 2023 model BMW 7 Series press release shared below that this is a cabin created more for the rear passenger rather than the driver/owner to be fully immersed in.

BMW 7 Series cabin

It is a cabin for long distance travel with entertainment to tame any weary travel. The all new look presented is a clear indication that all future BMW’s models will be sharing many of the design cues and features and this also includes the next generation petrol powered BMW models.

We are sure it is even more impressive to the touch and feel in person and will easily challenge what Bentley has in their showrooms right now.

We can add, Rolls Royce to the equation as Rolls Royce is owned by BMW and there must be a line drawn between the brands. However, underneath the next generation Rolls Royce models will obviously carry the same exciting technology but packaged to tickle more buyers.

PRESS RELEASE: Luxury at its most progressive awaits the driver and passengers inside the new BMW 7-Series. A select choice of materials, precision craftsmanship of the highest order and a clearly structured, minimalist interior design underpin the exclusive on-board experience for both the driver and passengers. Here, generous amounts of space meet innovative equipment features and the clever interplay of high-tech control/operation, connectivity, driver assistance, infotainment, and digitalization solutions.

And then there is the artfully stylish selection of materials, which capture the imagination in terms of both looks and tactile appeal. A new optional feature is the use of exquisite cashmere for a portion of the seat surfaces.

The soft and pleasantly warm feel of this sumptuously refined natural material comes together with the standard glass applications for selected controls, the optional open-pore fine wood of the interior trim strip, and the stainless steel speaker covers to create a luxurious sense of wellbeing.

Progressive cockpit design with BMW Curved Display and BMW Interaction Bar

The brand-typical driver-focused cockpit design in the new BMW 7-Series has been re-interpreted in a progressive style. Digitalization enables the number of buttons, switches, and controls in the cockpit to be significantly reduced. Standard specification includes an interior trim strip for the instrument panel in Fineline Black with Metallic Inlay on 740i and 760i xDrive and Mirror Oak High Gloss on i7 xDrive60. They provide an elegant stage for the BMW Curved Display.

The fully digital screen grouping consists of a 12.3-inch information display behind the steering wheel and a 14.9-inch control display screen. Arranged beneath a shared glass surface, the displays are directed ergonomically towards the driver, making the already intuitive touch control even more straightforward.

The BMW Curved Display’s state-of-the-art graphics and the operating system’s menu structure have been designed with a smartphone-style appearance. The user interface impresses with its striking forms, dynamic light effects, strong depth of color and modern color palettes that change depending on the selected My Mode.

The graphical layout of the information display and the content shown in the percenter of the display can both be adapted to suit the situation and requirements. The clearly structured arrangement of widgets on the control display’s home screen provides a simple overview of the menu options and can be configured by the driver, as desired. Frequently used functions can be added to a favorites bar.

The BMW Interaction Bar debuts in the new 7-Series as a new breed of control/operation and design element. This functional unit, which boasts a crystalline surface structure with dramatic backlighting, extends from below the trim strip across the full width of the instrument panel and well into the door panel trim.

It houses touch-sensitive control panels for adjusting the ventilation and climate control, activating the hazard warning lights and opening the glove compartment. The light design of the BMW Interaction Bar takes its cues from the color palette of the My Mode setting selected or can be set as desired by the user.

The BMW Interaction Bar brings a whole new dimension to the interaction between the driver and vehicle. It combines function control, ambient lighting, and the ability to adjust its decorative appearance as desired into one fully integrated component.

Entry into and exit from the vehicle are accompanied by a welcome/goodbye production incorporating lights on the BMW Interaction Bar. From the ambient lighting menu, the driver can decide which events the BMW Interaction Bar reacts to with dynamic light animations, e.g., incoming phone calls. The BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant can also appear on the BMW Interaction Bar in an artistic glow.

New design for the steering wheel and gear selector

The newly designed steering wheel also plays its part in the exclusive driving experience. It has two spokes and a flat-bottomed rim. Its control panels contain rocker switches and scroll wheels as well as buttons offering haptic feedback when pressed. In vehicles specified with the M Sport package, drivers are presented with a classical three-spoke, flat-bottom design.

An exquisitely designed percenter console control panel hosts the iDrive Controller, Start/Stop button, volume control for the audio system and buttons to control vehicle functions. Also positioned here are the My Modes buttons, which replace the Driving Experience Control switch, and the newly designed gear selector.

Discreet backlighting brings greater visual emphasis to the control panel. Exclusive glass applications for selected controls are standard. This stylistically appealing design feature is applied to the gear selector, the Controller, the Start/Stop button, the volume control for the audio system on the percenter console and the seat adjustment controls integrated into the doors.

Interior surfaces and door trim imbued with modern elegance

The clear structure of the instrument panel continues into the design of the door trim. This creates a harmonious coordination of the surfaces around the seats. The line of the BMW Interaction Bar progresses into the front door trim.

From the control panel integrated here, users can activate the seat heating and store their preferred seat position. High-quality accents also come in the form of perforated metal covers for the speakers integrated into the doors and the subtly backlit storage compartments.

A digital control unit is integrated into the trim of each rear door. This 5.5-inch color display with touchscreen functionality allows passengers to select their choice of entertainment program, the image display, and the volume when using the BMW Theater Screen in vehicles so equipped. The touchscreens also control adjustment of the audio system, climate control functions, seat adjustment settings, ambient lighting, and rear sunshades.

New comfort seats fitted as standard, multifunction seats and Executive Lounge available as options

Newly developed multi-contour seats are standard in the new BMW 7-Series. They offer wider seat surfaces than the outgoing model, as well as extensive electric adjustment, seat heating and lumbar support for the driver and front passenger. The driver and passengers can select their desired seat position using the controls on the door panels or by touch on the control display via the relevant menu in the iDrive system.

Active front seat ventilation with optimized cooling is standard on 760i xDrive and i7 xDrive60, optional on 740i, and a massage function with nine programs and a noticeably increased vitalizing and relaxation effect is optional across the range. The backs of the head restraints have stylish decorative wood trim with electroplated accent strips.

BHPetrol_Euro5 Diesel_2021

Multifunction rear seats are standard on the i7 xDrive60, optional on the other models, while active seat ventilation and a massage function for the rear seats may be specified on every new 7-Series. Here, the seats are adjusted from the digital touch-control panels integrated into the door trim.

The padded side sections of the backrests ease entry into and exit from the vehicle. The standard speakers in the outer head restraints provide particularly intense listening pleasure. In the multifunction seats, the audio experience is further enhanced by bass shakers in the backrests in vehicles equipped with the optional Bowers & Wilkins Diamond Surround Sound system.

First-class appointments in the second row

The Executive Lounge option brings unmatched seating comfort to the rear compartment. It includes a reclining function with integrated leg rest for the space behind the front passenger seat, plus an optionally quilted and heated armrest with high-quality glass insert and integrated smartphone tray for inductive charging.

Coordinated adjustment of the backrest angle and backrest upper section angle, forward/back position and seat surface tilt enables an extremely comfortable reclining position. The backrest can be reclined up to 42.5°, which sets the benchmark in the segment. Individually adjustable neck cushions and significantly increased headroom compared with the outgoing model also enhance travelling comfort.

Also unique is the design principle for the leg rest, which allows passengers to perfect the relaxed resting position. Here, the calf support, extending from seamlessly from the seat surface, is paired with a heel rest extending out from the back of the front passenger seat.

To create the ideal seating position and legroom for the rear passenger, the front passenger seat can be moved fully forward, and its backrest tilted forward to the greatest possible degree. In addition, the front passenger seat also offers the multifunction seat’s full selection of comfort-enhancing features and adjustment range.

Carefully coordinated interior appointments

Customers looking to bring a personal touch to the interior design of their new 7-Series can choose from the host of equipment variants and color combinations included in a newly structured offering. This approach sees the elements of the interior matched and blended with one another to stylish effect.

While the 760i xDrive and i7 xDrive60 feature elegant extended Merino leather as standard, the new BMW 740i is upholstered with seat surfaces in the new Veganza material, available in a choice of four colors. The high-quality surface material with leather-like qualities stands out with its particularly pleasant feel and offers a high level of comfort. The seat surfaces are perforated and have prominent quilting in a diamond pattern. Extended Merino leather is optional on 740i, and full Merino leather is optional on all 7-Series models.

The optional BMW Individual Composition takes the feeling of wellbeing on board the new BMW 7-Series to another level. This specification adds the BMW Individual Alcantara headliner in a color coordinated to the specified BMW Individual Merino extended leather trim, which is available in Amarone, Smoke White, Mocha, Black or Tartufo.

Clients may also choose from three open pore wood trims, Mirror Oak High Gloss trim, Fineline Black trim with a metallic inlay, or a dazzling combination of carbon fiber with silver thread inlay complimented by piano black accents.

New from BMW Individual: seat surfaces in leather and cashmere

The BMW Individual Composition generates an exclusive yet warm and inviting atmosphere inside the new BMW 7-Series – especially when BMW Individual Merino leather/cashmere wool in the Smoke White/Light Grey combination is specified. The highly exclusive wool/textile surfaces bring a whole new tactile quality to the interior and combine sustainability with luxury.

The light-colored leather in the upper section of the seats and the darker cashmere-rich cloth in the lower section, elaborate quilting and fine perforation create a unique impression – both visually and tactilely. Their intricate, symmetrically embroidered pattern makes these seats a particularly attractive feature of the interior. The color contrast between the leather and cashmere surfaces creates a horizontal band that wraps around the interior and envelopes the passengers.

Four-zone automatic climate control fitted as standard, radiant heating available

Standard equipment for the new BMW 7-Series includes four-zone automatic climate control with further developed control logic. In place of conventional air vents, the instrument panel incorporates slot-type outlets arranged along the full width of the BMW Interaction Bar. This also contributes to the clear, minimalist style of the cockpit design in the new BMW 7-Series.

It is now also possible to adjust the temperature in the front footwells separately. Meanwhile, a standard nanoparticle filter removes virus-sized particles and allergens from the air inside the cabin. The BMW i7 comes with a model-specific climate control unit featuring extremely efficient heat pump technology.

Like the driver and front passenger, those in the second row of seats can also set the temperature in their area of the car to their personal preferences thanks to separate controls in the rear compartment. An additional solar sensor optimizes temperature adjustment in the rear. The climate control unit also uses the seat heating and, if fitted, the seat ventilation function to match the interior temperature to the specifications of those on board.

Customers can adjust the overall temperature in their car more accurately with the Radiant Heating Package, which is standard on 760i xDrive and i7 xDrive60 and included as part of the optional Executive Package on 740i. This includes steering wheel heating and panel heating for the armrests in the door trim and percenter console. In cold outside temperatures, the panel heating allows a pleasant on-board climate to be achieved much more quickly than when using warm air alone.

Panoramic Sky Lounge LED roof with new light effects

The Panoramic Sky Lounge LED roof is standard on the new BMW 7-Series. The roof now consists of a single fixed glass surface framed by a steel surround. The roof’s transparent surface is much larger than on the outgoing 7-Series in its rear section, creating a light-filled ambience in the rear compartment as well. The sliding shade for the panoramic glass sunroof is electrically operated.

The Panoramic Sky Lounge LED roof delights with a newly designed light show using light threads backlit by LEDs. The structure this creates replicates the pattern of the quilting on the seat surfaces. The color palette of the light effects, which are also part of the Welcome Scenario, either compliments the chosen My Mode or can be selected independently.

Unmatched in-car entertainment with BMW Theater Screen and Amazon Fire TV

One of the highlights of the options available for the new BMW 7-Series is the BMW Theater Screen with built-in Amazon Fire TV. This system includes a 31.3-inch 8K touchscreen display with Bowers & Wilkins Diamond Surround Sound system with optional in-seat bass drivers, built-in touch screen remotes in the door panels (BMW Touch Command), and an automated rear shade system that closes when the BMW Theater Screen is turned on.

The BMW Theater Screen with Amazon Fire TV lets passengers enjoy content in up to 4K/UHD resolution from popular apps (subscriptions may be required). Stream videos, play games, listen to music, get information, and watch downloaded programs – all while on the road.

Amazon Fire TV brings together the content customers value most in one place by combining popular streaming originals, live sports, and news into a single experience that they can search, browse, and filter. Customers can also enjoy personalized streaming using Profiles, with recommendations, viewing history, and watch lists. Profiles also allow rear seat passengers to start a film or TV show at home and pick up where they left off once on the road.

An authentic cinematic experience

Rear seat passengers can watch films and TV shows in 16:9, 21:9, or 32:9 cinemascope aspect ratio for an immersive experience (may crop content when zoomed). The screen folds into the roof when not in use, and can be moved closer or further from the viewers to put it within arm’s reach for touch controls or to put it at the preferred viewing distance.

Audio is enjoyed either through the vehicle’s Bowers & Wilkins speakers or by connecting up to two Bluetooth headphones with independent volume controls.

The BMW Theater Screen is revealed to the accompaniment of a sound composition created exclusively for this purpose as part of the collaboration between the BMW Group and renowned film score composer and Academy Award winner Hans Zimmer.

At the same time, the sunshades for the side windows, rear window and panoramic glass sunroof are closed and the ambient lighting in the rear compartment is dimmed. The sequence unfolds to a choreography developed with a sharp eye for detail and which brings all the functions and digital content together into an all-encompassing user experience.

The BMW Theater Screen spreads out horizontally across virtually the full width of the interior and extends down from the headliner to the front seat backrests.

Unique sound experience with 4D audio system and BMW Iconic Sounds Electric

The standard Bowers & Wilkins Surround Sound audio system in the new BMW 7-Series delivers a superlative sound experience, with a seven-band equalizer, up to 18 speakers with intricately precision-etched metal grilles, and 655 watts of crystal-clear power.

The optional Bowers & Wilkins Diamond Surround Sound System adds an extremely high-quality and multi-faceted sound experience to the theater environment in the rear of the new BMW 7-Series.

It sets new standards in its segment not only with up to 36 speakers, of which four are integrated into the headliner, and amplifier output of 1,965 watts, but also in terms of sound quality. The fully active audio system with seven-band equalizer offers microphone-assisted sound control based on dynamic performance and four sound modes.

Two surround speakers are integrated into the head restraints of both the front seats and outer rear seats. The new Bowers & Wilkins Diamond Surround Sound System also has a 4D audio function generated using exciters in the front and rear seat backrests. Their precise, magnetically controlled vibrations result in improved perception of bass frequencies, even at low volumes.

The Audio Demo Mode, included here for the first time, allows the customer to call up a video – around a minute in length – from the iDrive menu which explains the extraordinary sound potential of the audio system and the functions and adjustment settings available to deliver a captivating sound experience.

Whatever the entertainment being enjoyed, BMW i7 customers will be greeted by another unmistakable sound experience in the form of BMW Iconic Sounds Electric. Pressing the Start/Stop button sparks an inspiring acoustic accompaniment that builds anticipation for the all-electric driving experience to come.

This distinctive sound production is again the result of the collaboration between the BMW Group and Hans Zimmer. If desired, a drive sound developing a strikingly transparent timbre with spherical components delivers authentic feedback to every movement of the accelerator.

The character of the sound alters according to the vehicle setting chosen with the My Modes button. This means that in SPORT mode the car’s aural spectrum is more dominant and powerful.

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