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Ferrari Roma // Supercar Of The Year VOTY 2022

The Ferrari Roma is our pick for Supercar Of The Year at VOTY 2022.

When it comes to supercars, the ‘wow’ factor matters most. Most of us who don’t have millions in the multiples aren’t even aware of the hierarchy that exists within each supercar brand’s portfolio. The Ferrari Roma is, in all honesty, an ‘entry-level’ supercar. It’s one’s first taste of Ferrari, not the car you graduate to once the Ferrari family respects you and your collection of Prancing Horses enough.

Ferrari Roma Malaysia test drive front exterior

That being said, the Roma is probably the most important car the Italian carmaker has released in decades. It’s a preview of the tech-focused future that the brand is about to pursue. It still packs a punch with the award winning F159 3.9L twin turbo V8 providing breathtaking performance while maintaining decent fuel economy and while keeping within the legal emissions envelope.

More important than anything else, the Roma manages to stand out. It’s quite clearly a Ferrari and because it takes some inspiration from the past it almost feels like a very special Ferrari and not the ‘starter’ Ferrari that it really is. For that, we feel the Roma is deserving of the Supercar Of The Year award. And if that doesn’t convince you, try booking one with Naza Italia and let them show you the waiting list!

Check out our review of the Ferrari Roma here or head to the official website here.

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