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Will The Proton X70 Be Replaced By This 2023 Geely Boyue L

The Proton X70 is due for a new generation. Is it this 2023 Geely Boyue L

2023 Geely Boyue has reported that Geely has just unveiled The Geely Boyue L, a new compact SUV to be placed in between the Geely Boyue and Geely Xingyue L in China and it is very likely to be the new generation Proton X70 here in Malaysia.

This new SUV also features a new design language that we will see in upcoming Geely models.

The Geely Boyue L will fit in between the Geely Boyue and Geely Xingyue L in China and has a distinctive crease that runs over the doors to the D-pillar of the vehicle.

This potential Proton X70 also features a two-tone paint job giving it a floating roof design with a black roof, black pillars and black wheel arches.

2023 Geely Boyue

One decision I truly appreciate Geely for is their usage of conventional door handles instead of pop-out ones which seem to be all the rage among Chinese carmakers at the moment.

I’m sure us Malaysians would prefer our new X70 with this over pop-out door handles.

On the inside, the Geely Boyue L sports a mammoth 13.2-inch horizontal central infotainment screen ‘Geely Galaxy OS Air’ Operating System powered by a Qualcomm 8155 chip which allows for OTA updates and a fully digital instrument cluster, a design that is sure to make the new Proton X70 a lot more desirable.  

Aside from that, the Geely Boyue L also has a square shaped four spoke steering wheel, an interesting choice if it were to carry over to the Proton X70.

As for the exterior, the Geely Boyue L is built on Geely and Volvo’s Compact Modular Architecture (CMA) platform and will feature four powertrains although it is still unclear as to how many of these four versions the Proton X70 will get.

The exterior of the Geely Boyue L is striking with LED Daytime running Lights (DRLs) fully integrated into the grille giving it a look similar to a Cadillac.

The Proton X70 to be has dimensions of 4670/1900/1705mm and has a wheelbase of 2777mm with alloy wheels designed specifically for the model.

2023 Geely Boyue

The expected Proton X70 replacement is due to get a 2.0 turbo petrol engine producing 218hp and 325Nm of torque, a 1.5 turbo petrol making 181hp and 290Nm of torque, a 1.5 turbo petrol+3DHT HEV and a 1.5T+3DHT PHEV.

Both petrol options of the new generation Proton X70 will be paired to a 7-speed DCT while the hybrid options will be paired to Geely’s DHT three-speed hybrid electric drive transmission.

The Geely Boyue L is expected to hit the Chinese market in Q4 of 2022 and while no price has been announced, assumes this new Proton X70 replacement will be priced around 120,000 Yuan or about USD17,750. You can read their full article on this here.

2023 Geely Boyue

Are you excited for this new Proton X70? I know I am.

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