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Published on October 18th, 2022 | by Sounder Rajen


Porsche Deliveries Finally Up After 9 Months

It looks like Porsche is returning to normalcy

For the first time in 9 months, Porsche has finally seen an increase in deliveries. The company delivered a total of 221,512 units worldwide in the first three quarters of the year. This is a 2 percent increase from last year. Porsche also reported their highest increase in deliveries was in the region of Europe and in the German market.

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A member of the Executive Board for Sales and Marketing at Porsche AG, Detlev von Platen, said, “We have managed to increase our delivery numbers in the first nine months of the year – in spite of various challenges.”  

“The popularity of Porsche as a modern luxury brand, as well as our products, is equally high on every continent. At the same time, we are still concerned about limitations to the supply of parts, which can impact waiting times for customers.” He added.

Moreover, Porsche delivered 42,204 units in Europe between January and September 2022, up 11 percent from. This included 20,850 deliveries in Germany alone, an increase of 9 percent from last year.


On top of that, Porsche also delivered 68,766 units in China, still its largest single market, down 1 percent from last year. This goes to show that the limitations in sales and deliveries from the months-long lockdowns were largely balanced out by the third quarter of this year.

Additionally, Porsche delivered 56,357 units in North America which was a 4 percent decrease from last year and Porsche says this was due to logistical challenges mainly during the first quarter of the year. Increased deliveries in the third quarter managed to reduce the gap in deliveries from last year very convincingly.

While Porsche reports that the 911 sports car is rapidly gaining popularity, the Porsche Cayenne SUV range still remains the best seller for the brand with 66,769 deliveries. The second most popular model was the Macan, recording 59,604 deliveries followed by the iconic 911 with a recorded 30,611 deliveries, up 9 percent.

The Porsche Panamera recorded 25,452 deliveries while the all electric Porsche Taycan saw 25,073 deliveries worldwide which is a 12 percent decrease that Porsche attributes to supply-chain issues and shortage of parts. However, orders remain strong. 14,003 units of the 718 Boxster and 718 Cayman were also delivered.


“The fourth-quarter sprint is in full swing and we need to stay on our toes regarding external factors and uncertainties. At the same time, we are tackling the remaining three months of the year full of resolve and vigour.” Concluded Detlev von Platen.

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