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Published on October 18th, 2022 | by Sounder Rajen


Trailer Company Damages Car, Who Will Pay?

Can the trailer company cover this race car?

Recently the man behind Advantech Racing, Mr. Suhaimi, who goes by Suhaimi Advantech on Facebook shared a post on his page about how one of the cars for his race was damaged by the trailer company that was transporting the car. To make matters worse, this was a professionally built sports car. So will insurance suffice?

Pic credit: Suhaimi Advantech (Facebook)

Now we have all at some point read about trailer accidents. In fact, not too long ago, we even wrote about a trailer catching fire while transporting a few Honda vehicles. The link to that article is here, in case you missed it. This case is a lot worse since it remains unclear as to whether the cost of the car can even be properly valued.

So what exactly went down here? Well, other than the car, it would appear that some technical issue, which Mr. Suhaimi explained in his Facebook post, took place and caused the car to fall off the trailer. As per the picture shown, we can see that the car sustained heavy damage in the front and is almost completely ruined in the rear.

Speaking of Mr. Suhaimi’s account of this trailer accident on Facebook, he wrote a detailed account of what had happened along with what action he plans to take regarding this. His post will be linked below so you can check it out. Do note that his post is mostly written in Bahasa Malaysia.

Roughly translated, his account basically says “As I was on my way back to Terengganu, the trailer driver called me to inform me that a car had fallen off… Just another tragic calamity in October… Luckily none of the other cars were affected in this highway incident… Thank you to those who asked about it.”


“The cause was the ratchet rope that slipped off the tyre skinnies… Both rear tyre straps… We will settle this with the trailer company tomorrow and I;m unsure as to how to finalize the numbers… As for now, we will leave it to rest first.”

We still do not know exactly what has been going on behind the scenes but we do still remain skeptical as cases like this are rarely ever simple or quick. This was no ordinary car that fell off the trailer after all, that makes it much harder to value than a fully stock car. Well all we can do now is wait and see what happens next.


Thank you Suhaimi Advantech for the picture as well as the information. Be sure to follow Mr. Suhaimi on his Facebook linked here and check out his Advantech Racing Facebook page linked here for all things racing. His original Facebook post is linked here.

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