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Published on November 15th, 2022 | by Sounder Rajen


Unique Mitsubishi Xpander Concept Looks Awesome

Will the Xpander get it here in Malaysia though?

What you see in these pictures is a unique one of a kind Mitsubishi Xpander Sportline Special Edition which is currently not on sale as it is a show car for now and only consists of exterior modifications (mods).

So what are the chances these parts are sold as optional bodykit from Mitsubishi or even sold as an aftermarket extra?


So we all know about the Mitsubishi Xpander by now, it is a great car and it looks great even for a family car, but as we enthusiasts will repeatedly tell you, even if you don’t want to hear it, that your car can always look better (read: sportier) and this collection of mods will do just that.

Just how sporty will these mods make your Xpander? Well, in the front, there are a total of 9 items which consist of two new bonnet inlets, a new grille, a new front lip set, a new front diffuser set, two new bottom air intakes, two new headlamp garnish covers, a carbon roof vent, two bonnet pins and a front custom lamp pod set.


This alone can elevate your Xpander’s sportiness substantially but wait, there’s more! On the sides there are four more mods and they are two new side skirtings (one on each side), two new side mirrors, two wide fenders because wider is better (according to some car guys at least) and new motorsport wheels in either 15 or 18 inches.

Moreover, all this looks good, but your Xpander can look better and that is where the two rear mods come in which include a new rear wing spoiler and a new rear diffuser.

That truly completes the look of any Xpander and takes it from family MPV to “the cool dad’s car,” and who wouldn’t want to be known as the cool one, right?

Naturally, bodykits and mods are not for everyone but these Xpander mods give a whole new ‘excitement’ to this popular family vehicle and we are very sure there will be many current and future Xpander owners who would love take all these parts as a package if it is offered by Mitsubishi Malaysia.

Alternatively, Mitsubishi could offer these mods as an optional add on themselves but I suppose we shall have to wait and see. Like I mentioned earlier this is just a concept for now and not for sale but with any luck, we may just see these mods on a Mitsubishi Xpander on the road.

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