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Published on December 5th, 2022 | by Sounder Rajen


EVE Energy To Set Up Lithium Battery Base In Malaysia

The China firm put RM1.9 billion into this battery base

EVE Energy Co Ltd is a Chinese lithium battery production company established in 2001 and listed in 2009 and the company has recently invested RM1.9 billion to set up a battery production base right here in Malaysia. It looks like with this, the shift to electrification just got significantly faster in the country.


This battery production base project is being undertaken by the Chinese company’s Malaysian subsidiary EVE Energy Malaysia sdn bhd and will support electric two-wheel vehicles and power tools manufacturing enterprises not just here in Malaysia, but all across SouthEast Asia as well.

Moreover, EVE is currently evaluating multiple sites to set up its battery production base including a few locations in Perak. This project will also be implemented in phases with a construction period not exceeding three years. This could help expedite EV adoption in Malaysia much quicker than originally predicted.

Malaysian Investment Development Authority (MIDA) CEO, Arham Abdul Rahman, said “We are delighted to have EVE Energy setting up its manufacturing operation in Malaysia. The transition to electric vehicles (EV) will be one of the most significant shifts in our automotive sector in generations.”

“The full-fledged cylindrical lithium battery ecosystem resonates well with the National Investment Aspirations and National Automotive Policy 2020 in stimulating and synergising the country’s EV ecosystem, specifically for EV battery production.” He added.


Furthermore, with Malaysia being equipped with skilled talents and proficient technology experts, Arham Abdul Rahman believes that we as a country are “a conducive and an ideal location” for the success of EVE Energy’s investment and will see this battery production plant succeed.

On top of that, EVE Energy Malaysia representative director, Joe Chan, stated, “We have a long history in the field of green energy and our goal is to provide customers with high quality batteries. The establishment of EVE Energy’s production base in Malaysia will help to supply high quality batteries to companies in the country and Southeast Asia.”

Additionally, Chan also claimed that EVE Energy has been the world’s leading lithium primary battery brand over the past few years and is ranked first in China. EVE Energy’s products are also widely used in areas concerning the internet of things (IoT) and energy internet with the company’s batteries being supplied to many first-tier brands.


We got all this from Bernama and their full article is linked here. Thank you Bernama for the information.

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