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Published on April 12th, 2023 | by Sounder Rajen


ATLAS Map Database Update Now Available For New Proton Cars

This ATLAS update is available for Proton models running the GKUI head unit

Okay, so by now it is no secret that our first national carmaker, Proton, has been finally catching up to international standards over the past few years, as their cars were mostly a bit behind the times before Geely came in seeing as the brand was making budget friendly quality cars, well, now the brand is modernising again.

So more recent Proton offerings, especially the ‘X’ SUV models have been practically selling themselves here in Malaysia but despite these cars being almost on par with the latest international offerings, two features have been glaringly still missing, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay compatibility.

Moreover, most new cars these days come with wireless Android Auto and Apple CarPlay and people get upset when carmakers only include one or the other. The main reason many love these features is maps as the on board navigation in most cars is usually not good, well, proton is about to fix this with ATLAS.

ATLAS (ACO Tech Local Automotive Services), is an in-vehicle infotainment operating system that integrates the concept of humanised connected lifestyle wholly led and developed by Malaysians, it is supported by a complimentary mobile app called ATLAS Auto with features that prioritise mobility, convenience, and control.

Now, it should be said that this ATLAS update will be delivered in batches and may take several days to reflect in your Proton head unit and X50 and X70 SUV models running on GKUI will also receive the update starting from tomorrow. This update is applicable to Proton X50, X70, Iriz Active and Persona Premium models.

On top of that, this ATLAS update is huge for Proton cars as, with the fact that the cars do not have Android Auto or Apple CarPlay, their map applications are definitely not up to par, especially in areas with very little to no internet connectivity, and this update will surely help mitigate this issue.

Downloading this new AATLAS update in your Proton is also very easy, anyone familiar with the concept of over-the-air (OTA) updates will already know how it works but essentially, one will receive a prompt in the navigation app on your applicable GKUI head unit then tap on (Use Now) to install the new database.

GKUI by ECARX and GEely
GKUI Head Unit

That’s it, simple, right? So for Proton users with the models listed above, make sure to check your head unit over the next few days and plan ahead to make sure you have enough time to install the new ATLAS database update before starting your next journey and enjoy a much better map experience.

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