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Published on August 10th, 2023 | by Sounder Rajen


The Design Of The Smart #1 Holds Many Surprises Inside And Out

Get to know the cool features of the Smart #1 now that it is in Malaysia

Now that the Smart #1 is finally here in Malaysia, let’s take a look at some of the highlights of this vehicle. A beacon of innovation, combining cutting-edge technology with a touch of artistry in its design, the Smart #1 immediately demands your attention when you see it on the road.

The illuminated front grille, boasting warm light animations with embedded LED light beads, sets the stage for an extraordinary journey. Complemented by concealed electric door handles, frameless doors, and a floating panoramic halo roof, the Smart #1 exudes sleek sophistication that captivates at every glance.

Moreover, the frame-less doors of the Smart #1 also enhance functionality by reducing aerodynamic drag and noise, ensuring a smooth and efficient ride. These doors also automatically unlock and gracefully pop out as you approach for greater convenience.

Smart #1

The illuminated exterior elements and captivating musical light show feature on the Smart #1 set it apart, infusing each journey with a touch of magic. The floating panoramic halo roof also enhances the interior’s lounge-like atmosphere while providing a breathtaking view.

The Smart #1 also comes with CyberSparksLED+ Adaptive Matrix Headlights ensuring optimal visibility while safeguarding other motorists from glare. Dynamic sequential turn signals add more flair and, 19inch low drag rotor-style alloys turn heads and summon a sense of futuristic wonder while completing the whole look.

On top of that, its captivating ‘capsule-shaped’ design features a 64-color Dual Zone Ambient Light, providing a wide array of customizable lighting options to match any mood. With 20 distinct lighting levels, the car allows you to create your perfect ambiance within this minimalist masterpiece.

The Center Glove Box in the Smart #1 also features a chiller as well as unparalleled comfort and innovation with smart, setting new standards with its Front Seat Ventilation, Rear Seat Armrest with 2 cupholders, 10-way electric adjustment with memory, and an Electric sun blind for thermal insulation and shade.

What’s more, the Smart #1 transports you into a world of premium sound entertainment designed for the new generation, brought to you by the visionary Dr. Dre. With 13 powerful speakers and an impressive 640W power output, this all-surround sound system immerses you in a breathtaking audio experience.

Lastly, you can also choose from two distinct sound modes, Classic and Beats, both catering to diverse music preferences. Custom-tuned by Beats professionals, this system delivers a unique and unparalleled sound signature that elevates your music experience with precision-engineered brilliance.

So what do you guys think of the Smart #1? Would you buy one?

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