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Published on September 18th, 2023 | by Sounder Rajen


Vespa 946 Bunny Special Edition Scooter Celebrates The Year Of The Rabbit

The Vespa 946 Bunny is the first in a series that will encompass 12 years

When one thinks “Vespa,” what comes to mind? Ask a hundred people and one will get a hundred different answers, but I personally think “style.” Style can be interpreted in many ways and mean many different things but we all universally understand that it means a pleasing aesthetic.

Vespa scooters have always been very easy on the eyes so no matter how powerful, or not so powerful, big or small, colourful or monotonous, everyone understands that when one rides a Vespa, they are doing so in style and what better way to show off one’s style with a Vespa than with a special zodiac theme?

Moreover, what animal in the zodiac lineup of 12 could be more stylish than the rabbit? After all, what animal could be cuter and more recognisable in the entire zodiac lineup? This is why Vespa has decided to honour this year of the rabbit with a new special edition of a familiar scooter.

This is the Vespa 946 10th anniversary edition, which is dedicated to the year of the rabbit, and will be issued in a limited and numbered series of 1,000. This will be only the first stage of an important project that will span the next 12 years and which will see the introduction of a new annual edition each year, inspired by the zodiac animal of that year.

Since its debut in 2013, the Vespa 946 has established itself as the archetype of the Vespa of tomorrow, which interprets the values that have made Vespa a global icon while injecting it with a contemporary spirit and a forward facing attitude.

On top of that, the Vespa 946 is an Italian-made masterpiece, which has now become a real collector’s item, taking shape in a dedicated production line that is more like a haute couture atelier than anything else.

This special edition, dubbed the Vespa 946 Bunny, is issued in a reworking of the classic Vespa green, to symbolize the love of fun, light-heartedness, and nature typical of those born under this sign. The stylized silhouette of a rabbit peeps out on the body adding to its character.

With 2023 welcoming the year of the rabbit, a symbol and omen of peacefulness, well-being and respect for the past, all the details of the Vespa 946 Bunny are made in a refined burnished finish with warm reflections, while the double-upholstered saddle is black with burnished stitching and is sewn by hand with needle and thread, as are the handgrips and starts from RM99,900.

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