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Published on December 15th, 2023 | by Sounder Rajen


Bentley Follows Up Its Limited Edition Batur With Even More Exclusive Honey

While Bentley is releasing its exclusive Black Edition Honey, it is not for sale

No you didn’t  read that wrong, British luxury carmaker, Bentley, has officially just unveiled its newest limited edition offering but instead of the cars we are used to seeing from the brand, this time, the brand offers its exclusive Black Edition Honey, sadly, it is not for sale either.


For some context, Back in 2019, Bentley installed a couple of bee hives at its factory in Crewe, England. The hives helped it look more ecologically friendly, and provided it with some honey that it could hand out to customers. Now, five harvests later, it has introduced Black Edition honey.

Moreover, at first, the automaker had just two hives on its property, but that number has now grown to 17. The product of the newest 15 hives will continue to be labeled as standard Bentley Honey. However, the 500 jars it harvested from its two original hives will now be called Black Edition honey.


It’s not really clear if the honey is different in any way, but the Black Edition honey does have a darker hue to it. To mark them as separate, the Bentley design team also came up with special labeling while the 1,000 bottles of regular honey get a white label. Both feature the same branding and celebrate the brand’s fifth harvest.

On top of that, Andreas Lehe, head of manufacturing at Bentley went on to say, “Our colony of busy worker bees has proved more productive than ever at the Excellence Centre for Honey Production.”


“This exciting initiative shows the far-reaching nature of Bentley’s Beyond100 strategy, as we focus on making the Pyms Lane facility even more environmentally friendly. It also matches the company’s aim of becoming leaders in sustainable luxury mobility.” He added.

What’s more, Bentley currently employs more than 1 million bees across its 17 hives, which provide it with its 1,500 bottle harvest. Now while Bentley’s last limited edition offering, the Batur was actually sold to its luckiest customers, the exclusive Black Edition Honey is not for sale but it is still a cool little nugget of info to have.


Sebastian Benndorf, head of product planning, Bentley concluded with, “The delicious honey is very exclusive and we do not sell it, instead it is gifted at corporate events, customer visits and charitable causes along with Colleague Reward and Recognition schemes and competitions. We find it is an exciting way to get people talking about the importance of ecology and the role pollinators play.”


We got all this from Carscoops and their full article is linked here. Thank you Carscoops for the information and images.

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