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Toyota Ensures Transparency And Quality Amid Procedural Irregularities

It seems that Daihatsu’s procedural irregularities did not affect any Toyota cars

Following Perodua giving us a response, now the other partner company to the infamous Daihatsu that also sells vehicles in Malaysia, Toyota has also released a statement and just like with Perodua, it assures us that its vehicles are not affected by the same procedural irregularities as Daihatsu’s cars are.

Toyota Corolla Cross GR-S in white

So, in light of recent developments surrounding the safety test at Daihatsu Motor Co Ltd (DMC), a subsidiary of Toyota, Toyota Motor Sdn Bhd ensures customers and the public that it is committed to transparency and accountability. This does seem to be the case so far as its vehicles are still rather safe and reliable.

Moreover, this follows the statement released by Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) highlighting a procedural irregularity in the testing of models by DMC, impacting three of the brand’s models distributed by UMWT in Malaysia. The gist of it is that despite Daihatsu suffering from procedural irregularities, Toyota vehicles do not.


President of UMW Toyota Motor, Datuk Ravindran K. stated, “We emphasise our dedication to maintaining the highest standards and quality in our vehicles. Rest assured, we are actively working to ensure that all our vehicles in Malaysia strictly adhere to the relevant regulations and rules.”

On top of that, Toyota is working closely with regulatory authorities to promptly and transparently address this matter, maintaining its commitment to delivering high-quality vehicles to the Malaysian market. This includes the newest vehicles released this year such as the Vellfire, Alphard and Vios models.

The Toyota President went on to say, “We understand the importance of trust, and we want to reinforce the confidence our customers place in us. Our dedication to customer satisfaction has always been and remains our top priority.”

We can surely take his word for it as Toyota vehicles in Malaysia are often the cream of the crop in terms of safety and reliability. We should simply see this as a minor setback for the otherwise very successful and very transparent brand not just here in Malaysia but also globally.

However, this does not excuse the frankly life-threatening nonsense that Daihatsu pulled off. I personally think that every wrongdoing, no matter how small, should be punished with an appropriate response. I don’t know how many of you agree but Daihatsu certainly needs to earn our trust again. I hope it won’t be easy for them.

Toyota Corolla launched by UMW Toyota

What do you guys think, though? Should we let Daihatsu off the hook without them learning a lesson only for them to do it again some time in the future?

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