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Hitachi Launch Top-Notch Car Batteries in Malaysia

Hitachi automotive batteries have hit the Malaysian market offering motorists a two-year warranty on its top-end MFX series which makes it one of, if not the longest coverage to be extended in the country.


The Hitachi batteries which include the MFX and ES series are all fully imported from Thailand where they are built at a wholly-owned Hitachi plant. They are distributed in Malaysia including Sabah and Sarawak by Borneo Technical Co (M) Sdn Bhd (Borneo Technical), a member of the Toyota Tsusho Group.


Carrying the tagline “built to last even longer”, the Hitachi batteries are totally maintenance-free, of high quality  and developed with 100% Japanese technology to offer car owners reliability, value for money and ownership with peace of mind.


The battery was unveiled today following a signing ceremony between Hitachi Chemical Asia-Pacific Pte Ltd (HCAP) and Borneo Technical to appoint the latter as the distributor for the battery in the country effective May 2015.


Putting pen to the agreement on behalf of HCAP was its Managing Director, Shigeru Fujita while Borneo Technical was represented by its President, Takuya Hirano. To witness the signing ceremony were Jackie MK Chuah, General Manager/Director, Sales & Marketing Dept of Hitachi Chemical Asia-Pacific Pte Ltd and YK Chow, Vice President of Borneo Technical.


According to HCAP’s Fujita, the company believes that there is a tremendous potential for the Hitachi automotive battery products to succeed in the Malaysian market. He added that HCAP is optimistic for Hitachi to become a leader in the aftermarket/replacement battery sector in Malaysia, in particular the premium sector as its Hitachi batteries are technologically superior, of high quality and built to last even longer.

And what exactly makes Hitachi car batteries superior? Consider these points:

  • They come with a 2 year warranty on the MFX series, 1 year warranty on the ES series
  • A battery life indicator that shows the status of the unit
  • Lead-Calcium alloys employed make it optimized for use in tropical climates
  • The research & development that went into these batteries is 100% Japanese
  • The facilities that produce these batteries are owned and operated by Hitachi, meaning quality control is second to none
  • A double-sealed lid is used to ensure virtually no water or electrolytes leak or evaporate
  • To prevent the battery from shorting out, specially cut plates are used
  • Expanded grids are used in place of conventional grids. These slow down the corrosion caused by battery acid.

There’s a lot of technology that goes into these batteries, and the extended warranties ensure that buyers don’t have to worry about replacing them for a very long time. With over 5000 dealers nationwide, the RM250 ES and RM350 MFX series Hitachi batteries are a solid option for those looking for the best maintenance-free car batteries money can buy.

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