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Toyota has sold over 8 million hybrid cars since 1997

Eight million cars. That’s a big number. In context, UMW Toyota has produced just over a million cars since it set up shop here in 1968- so it should give you a sense of the scale involved. In just under 20 years, Toyota has sold such a massive number of their hybrid models worldwide- and they’re one of the few manufacturers capable of producing hybrids on such a large scale.

EuropeJapanNorth AmericaOthers
*Global figures contain sales from markets other than Europe, Japan, North America and Others

But it also helps to remember that it’s not just the Prius that’s responsible for this staggering sales figure. Toyota has also produced a number of other hybrid models over the years- not merely under the Toyota brand, but for Lexus as well. The ‘h’ models in the Lexus range are a little odd when compared to their German rivals, but they maintain that Japanese reliability that people see in a Lexus.

Cumulative Sales of Toyota Hybrid Passenger Vehicles*1 (as of July 2015)
EuropeJapanNorth AmericaOthers
Prius α / Prius v / Prius +32,800401,600142,7005,300582,400
Aqua / Prius c901,500150,80029,0001,081,200
Highlander / Kluger*33,400141,1001,800146,300
Crown Hybrid123,700123,700
Crown Mild Hybrid*46,5006,500
Crown Majesta (hybrid only)10,50010,500
Corolla Axio36,30036,300
Corolla Fielder90,40090,400
Lexus LS 600h / LS 600hL4,70027,1003,0005,10039,800
Lexus GS 450h / GS 300h15,50019,6007,1007,30049,500
Lexus RX 400h / RX 450h93,60031,400159,20033,400317,600
Lexus HS 250h43,60022,30010066,000
Lexus CT 200h57,00049,80078,80056,200241,900
Lexus ES 300h50046,30050,90097,700
Lexus IS 300h19,30018,4006,80044,500
Lexus NX 300h14,4009,9002,0009,70036,000
Lexus RC 300h2,4002,400
Prius PHV9,90021,70042,00010073,600

If you’re up to learn some more comprehensive information about Toyota’s Hybrid offerings, you can check the timeline below- it lists the launch of each major model over the years, as well as the cumulative sales points. In 2011, Toyota hit the 3 million cumulative sales mark, and in just 4 short years they have more than doubled it. What an impressive effort.

Toyota Hybrid Vehicle Chronology
1995Oct.Prius concept displayed by Toyota at Tokyo Motor Show
Nov.First Prius prototype built
1997Mar.Toyota Hybrid System (THS) unveiled
Aug.Coaster Hybrid EV launched (Japan only)
Oct.Prius unveiled (launched in December)
2000Nov.Cumulative global Prius sales top 50,000 vehicles
2001Jun.Estima Hybrid launched (Japan only)
Aug.Crown Royal series with Mild Hybrid System launched (Japan only)
2002Mar.Cumulative global hybrid vehicle sales top 100,000 mark
Aug.Cumulative global Prius sales top 100,000 vehicles
Oct.Crown Sedan with Mild Hybrid System launched (Japan only)
2003Apr.Toyota Hybrid System II (THS II) unveiled
Jul.Alphard Hybrid launched (Japan only)
Sep.Completely redesigned second-generation Prius launched
Dyna Hybrid and Toyoace Hybrid unveiled (launched in November; Japan only)
2005Mar.Harrier Hybrid (Lexus RX 400h) and Kluger Hybrid (Highlander Hybrid) launched
Oct.Cumulative global hybrid vehicle sales top 500,000 mark
Dec.Second-generation Prius production commenced at SFTM’s Changchun plant in China
2006Mar.Lexus GS 450h launched
Apr.Cumulative global Prius sales top 500,000 vehicles
MayCamry Hybrid launched (for sale outside Japan)
Jun.Completely redesigned Estima Hybrid launched (Japan only)
Oct.Camry Hybrid production commenced at Kentucky Plant in the U.S.; Quick Delivery 200 launched (Japan only)
2007MayCumulative global hybrid vehicle sales top 1 million mark; Lexus LS 600h / LS 600hL launched
2008Feb.Crown Hybrid unveiled (launched in May; Japan only)
Apr.Cumulative global Prius sales top 1 million vehicles
2009Jan.Lexus RX 450h unveiled (launched in April)
MayCompletely redesigned third-generation Prius launched
Jul.Camry Hybrid production commenced at TMT’s Gateway Plant, Thailand; HS 250h launched
Aug.Cumulative global hybrid vehicle sales top 2 million mark
Oct.Sai unveiled (launched in December, Japan only)
Dec.Camry Hybrid production commenced at TMCA’s Altona Plant, Australia
2010Apr.Camry Hybrid production commenced at GTMC’s plant in China
Jun.Auris Hybrid production commenced at TMUK’s Burnaston Plant, UK; Auris Hybrid launched (for sale outside Japan)
Jul.Cumulative sales in Japan of hybrids top 1 million vehicles
Sep.Cumulative global Prius sales top 2 million vehicles
Nov.Third-generation Prius production commenced at TMT’s Gateway Plant, Thailand
2011Jan.Annual Prius sales in Japan of new vehicles in 2010 were 315,669 vehicles, the largest amount of annual sales ever recorded; Lexus CT 200h launched
Feb.Cumulative global hybrid vehicle sales top 3 million mark
MayPrius α launched
Aug.Prius sales in Japan top 1 million mark
Sep.Completely redesigned Camry Hybrid launched in Japan; Alphard Hybrid and Vellfire Hybrid unveiled (launched in November, Japan only)
Oct.TMEC of China conducts cornerstone laying ceremony and announces plan to produce and sell vehicles with hybrid systems produced in China jointly with China FAW Group and GTMC around 2015
Nov.Prius PHV unveiled (launched in January 2012 in Japan, in March 2012 in the U.S., in the summer of 2012 in Europe)
Dec.Production of third-generation Prius commenced at SFTM’s Changchun Plant in China; Aqua launched
2012Jan.Completely redesigned Lexus GS 450h unveiled (launched in March)
Feb.Start of Highlander Hybrid production at Indiana Plant in the U.S. in the second half of 2013 announced
Production and sale of Camry Hybrid in Kuozui Motor’s Kuanying Plant, Taiwan commenced
Apr.Cumulative global hybrid vehicle sales top 4 million mark
MayYaris Hybrid launched (for sale outside Japan)
Jul.Start of Lexus RX 450h production at TMMC’s Cambridge Plant in early 2014 announced; Lexus ES 300h launched (for sale outside Japan)
Oct.Cumulative hybrid vehicle sales in Japan top 2 million mark
Cumulative global hybrid vehicle sales from January through October 2012 top 1 million mark
Nov.Completely redesigned Auris Hybrid launched (for sale outside Japan)
Dec.Completely redesigned Crown hybrid unveiled (launched in January 2013, Japan only); Avalon hybrid launched (for sale outside Japan)
2013Mar.Cumulative global hybrid vehicle sales top 5 million mark
MayLexus IS 300h launched
Jun.Cumulative global Prius sales top 3 million units
Aug.Corolla Axio Hybrid and Corolla Fielder Hybrid launched (Japan only)
Sep.Crown Majesta (only hybrid version available) launched (Japan only)
Oct.Lexus GS 300h launched
Nov.Completely redesigned Harrier Hybrid unveiled (launched in January 2014)
Dec.Cumulative global hybrid vehicle sales top 6 million mark
2014Jan.Voxy Hybrid and Noah Hybrid launched (Japan only)
Feb.Highlander Hybrid production commenced at Indiana Plant in the U.S.
Mar.Lexus RX 450h production commenced at TMMC’s Cambridge Plant in the U.S.
Cumulative hybrid vehicle sales in Japan top 3 million mark
Apr.Plan to start sales of Corolla and Levin models equipped with China-produced major hybrid components in 2015 announced at Beijing Motor Show
Jul.Toyota Motor (Changshu) Auto Parts Co., Ltd. In China holds opening ceremony; production of hybrid transaxles to start in 2015
Lexus NX 300h launched in Japan (sales outside Japan began in October)
Sep.Cumulative global hybrid vehicle sales top 7 million mark
Oct.Lexus RC300h launched
Esquire hybrid launched (Japan only)
2015Jan.Completely redesigned Alphard hybrid and Vellfire hybrid launched
Apr.RAV4 Hybrid announced at New York International Auto Show
Jul.Sienta hybrid launched
Cumulative global hybrid vehicle sales top 8 million mark

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