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MaxxOil NanoPLUS proudly launched

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This year, 2016 is the third year for MaxxOil landed in Malaysia, there is a brand new series, MaxxOil NanoPLUS proudly launched. MaxxOil NanoPLUS implemented Nanotechnology into lubricant to provide higher satisfaction to our customers.

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MaxxOil NanoPLUS is the latest technology for protecting and extending the life of auto engine and oil through mechanical means instead of chemicals, which can deteriorate over time. It contains billions of 4-to-6 nanometer sized diamonds that act like ball bearings. They fill the pores of metal, helping to sustain an oil film on the inner surfaces of the engine and sealing out the debris and moisture that cause corrosion. The nano diamond ball bearings transform the sliding friction that normally occurs between metal surfaces into rolling friction, thereby reducing heat, wear and engine drag. Lower hear helps to extend the life of oil, and less engine drag increases fuel mileage.

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-Reduced friction, extended engine life

-Increased horsepower & acceleration

-Cooler running engine

-Reduced engine noise

MaxxOil held its NanoPLUS product launching recently to demonstrate its NanoPLUS 5W50 fully synthetic filling into Range Rover Sport SVR with 5.0 V8 engine supercharged (550hp) and Ferrari F430 with 4.3 V8 engine NA (490hp with high rpm), as well as Tengku Djan’s champion winning car Nissan Silvia 680hp. The smooth accelerating and engine powerful sound was obviously observed. The purpose that demonstrating the old 2009 version Ferrari is to show to public that MaxxOil NanoPLUS tends to refurbish the condition of old engine, and bring the engine back to life.

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Not to forget to mention, during the product launching, MaxxOil also announced that they  incorporated with Tengku Djan, the Prince of Drift as brand ambassador who is 2-times Formula Drift Asia champion and 2-times MME Race winner. With Tengku Djan’s joining, MaxxOil will continue extending its market into motorsports and malay’s market. He is expected to carry a series of promotional activities in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia. After the brand ambassador contract signing ceremony, there was MaxxOil with Tengku Djan latest television commercial video TVC preview during the launching. In the TVC, Tengku Djan played the role of mountain bike cyclist to challenge Lotus Evora up hill and bring the message that speed is not the key to the road of victory, but to perform at the peak, stay focus on challenging yourself, is the key to success.

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Some of the recommended retail price of MaxxOil NanoPLUS is as below:

MaxxOil NanoPLUS 5w30 Fully Synthetic – RM228 per bottle of 4Liter

MaxxOil NanoPLUS 5w40 Fully Synthetic – RM228 per bottle of 4Liter

MaxxOil NanoPLUS 10w40 Semi Synthetic – RM128 per bottle of 4Liter

MaxxOil NanoPLUS 5w30 Semi Synthetic – RM128 per bottle of 4Liter

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