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Published on March 7th, 2020 | by Daniel Sherman Fernandez


How You Can Detail Your Car Just Like a Pro

By Jennifer Dawson

With as many as 93% of Malaysian households owning a car, it’s safe to say that many people are in the country are car and bike enthusiasts. A combination of wide-open roads, two national car companies, and an international race track have all contributed to Malaysia’s passion for the motor vehicle. A key part of owning a vehicle is regularly detailing your car. Cleaning your ride will not only keep it looking good, but will also remove corrosive materials that could damage your car’s finish. But you don’t always need to get a professional to do it — you can detail your car just like a pro by following a few simple steps.

Handwashing The Exterior

To properly wash your car, you must start with a high-quality carwash detergent mixed with warm water. Make sure you check the instructions on the detergent to get the right mix ratio. Using clean water, rinse any excess dirt from your car. Then soak a microfibre cloth in the wash water while you give the exterior a rinse. Then using the cloth, scrub each panel of the car thoroughly. Once your car is soaped up, rinse it thoroughly with clean water until there are no more soap suds left on the car’s body. You can then dry the exterior using a chamois or microfibre cloth, wiping from the top to bottom. Once you have finished washing and drying your car, you can protect the paint finish with an application of good quality wax.

Detailing The Interior

The interior of your car is simply a haven for mold, germs and dust mites. In fact, steering wheels have been found to be up to four times dirtier than a toilet seatCleaning your car’s interior helps to ensure it’s a healthy place to be for everyone onboard. Start by removing any trash and loose items then thoroughly vacuum the floor mats. carpets and seats with a wet and dry vacuum. Use a foaming upholstery cleaner on any soiled marks on the floor or upholstery. Check the instructions for how long to leave it for, then use a stiff brush on the stain. Vacuum the area again and repeat the process as necessary until the stain has gone. Also give the plastic trim, your center console, and cup holders a good clean with a wet cloth.

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Cleaning The Glass And Wheels

The ideal glass cleaner is one that foams as it will help to break down any tree sap or bug residue. Spray the cleaner over the glass and then wipe it with a microfibre cloth. Start by wiping in a vertical pattern, followed by horizontal motions. If you spot any streaks on the glass, go over again using a clean part of the cloth. To give your car the finishing touch, clean the rims and tires until they shine. Spray wheel cleaner onto the rims and then leave for a few minutes, following the cleaner’s instructions. Rinse the wheels thoroughly and wipe them clean and dry with a rag.

Whether you are passionate about cars, or simply rely on them to get you from A to B, giving your car a professional-like clean will not only keep your car looking great but will help it to be a safe and healthy ride.

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