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Perodua Myvi Lacks Unique Body Colour in 2020, Aruz too?

The other day I was driving past a number of modern Perodua vehicles when I realised something: the company was actually offering some pretty interesting colours that were unique to each model. I decided to sit down and do a bit of analysis. What I initially assumed was that Perodua had given each of its 5 models a unique and exclusive ‘hero’ colour. While my theory held water for 80% of its portfolio, there was one exception: the Myvi.

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Let’s start at the bottom of their lineup: the Axia. It currently comes with Midnight Blue as a unique colour option. Alternatively, you could get the Axia Style in Sunrise Orange, also another unique colour option.

Then there’s the Bezza. This model actually has the largest number of unique colour choices with the facelift model that was launched earlier this year. Right now, three unique colours are found on the Bezza, including Garnet Red, Ocean Blue and Sugar Brown. Ocean Blue is a little close to Electric Blue that’s available on other models, but it’s just a few shades lighter.

Then we come to the Myvi. The Myvi was recently updated, allowing customers to get theirs in ‘Electric Blue’. Electric Blue, while honestly very cool, is not unique to the Myvi, as it’s available on the Alza and Aruz too.

In fact, the colour it replaces, Peppermint Green was a colour unique to the 2nd gen Myvi when it was first launched. We quite liked the look of Peppermint Green on the Myvi. It felt like an homage to Perodua’s Daihatsu roots, as the 4th generation Daihatsu Charade Esprit “G200” 5-door hatchback that was sold in Malaysia was available in a similar colour. When it first launched, the upper tier Myvi trims also got the exclusive Granite Grey colour option too. Now, that colour is available on other models like the facelifted Bezza. Anyway, all this means is that right now the Myvi is the only vehicle without a unique colour choice available.

Moving on the Alza, well, here we have Mystical Purple as a unique colour. Before the Myvi’s update, it was the Alza that lacked a unique colour as lower trim levels of the Myvi were available in Mystical Purple too. The updated Myvi seems to not be offered in Mystical Purple on any trim level, meaning the Alza has this unique colour to itself.

Finally, we have Perodua’s current ‘flagship’, the Aruz. Technically, Amazon Green is unique to the Perodua Aruz and it’s a really great colour for the car. I think it suits the SUV body of the Aruz and makes it look a little more rugged. And technically, it’s unique in the Perodua lineup, the Toyota Rush comes in ‘Dark Green Metallic’. Given the two cars are built side by side and share a platform and many body panels, it’s very likely Amazon Green is the same or very similar.


There’s really nothing wrong with the existing colour selection. We like what Perodua are doing with the Axia and Bezza. Both get at least 2 completely unique colour choices. Just think how awesome it would be if the Myvi, Alza and Aruz all came with completely unique colours of their own.

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