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Published on August 19th, 2020 | by Daniel Sherman Fernandez


The Science Behind Car Mats

We have seen how car manufacturers have spent a lot of effort on uplifting their cabins to suit the needs of a buyer’s year after year and model after model. However, there has been very very little done to look at the science of car mats. 

Yes, the simple and very useful car mat has been ignored by car manufacturers and this has created a new thriving business opportunity for a number of people to start re-inventing the humble car mat into a 21st century product.

We have a 20-year old Nissan MPV that still carries its original factory fitted (this MPV is fully imported from Japan) car mats. They are rather heavy, designed to fit nicely around the edges of the MPV floor and come with Nissan branding on them.

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Over the years, our family, friends and relatives have brought all kinds of dirt, grime, muck and loads of bacteria from their footwear into our MPV and so the regular cleaning that we do personally (we never go to a car wash) takes time and a lot of elbow effort. Then there is the drying process after the washing and scrubbing process.

It then goes back into our MPV looking as good as it can be. Age has caught up and now some stains remain and every time we get in the MPV, the sight of the stains irritates us, but its there to stay.

Solution! Get new car mats. Well, we waited for the right product to come into the market and after seeing ‘Trapo’ car mats being fitted in some friend’s cars and hearing their approval we decided to visit Trapo and get some new mats. Seeing as our MPV is fully imported and very rare, they did not have a set of mats ready and so the young and energetic staff took their time (about 2 hours) to measure up our Nissan MPV floor to make sure they get us a snug fit car mat in every area, including the rear luggage space.

Then after one week the new mats were delivered to our home (a service they provide) for us to to unbox and install.

Trapo lightweight mat
Trapo being fitted
Trapo unboxing the mats
Trapo front seat mat
Trapo third row seat mat
Trapo boot mat_2
Trapo boot mat_1
Trapo boot mat

Right out of the box we realized how light the Trapo mats were when compared to our 20-year factory mats. Less than half the weight. Made from 100% recyclable material they were an easy snug fit and with the Bactekiller technology infused by Fuji Chemical Industries Co Ltd which eliminates 99 per cent of the bacteria on the car mat surface, which means it provides a cleaner and more hygienic car mat for the user.

The Bactekiller technology prevents bacteria from reproducing on the surface of TRAPO car mats thus eventually killing it off.

Even better is the fact that Trapo mats use 50 per cent recycled raw materials and 50 per cent part virgin fibres. It is also waterproof and traps dirt effectively.

Good news, Trapo mats are now available on 701 vehicle models (my Nissan MPV just got included). 

To find out more, please visit TRAPO Asia’s official website at

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