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Published on November 18th, 2020 | by Daniel Sherman Fernandez


Volkswagen Passat CC 1.8 TFSI Used Buy Review

How Much Lover Can The Price Go

Not many premium cars can still look good in the used car lot after 6-7 years from launch. BMW’s tend to stay handsomely aggressive, Mercedes tend to keep their stately image, Audis somehow age slowly and Lexus have their sharpish aggression (similar to BMW). But wait, what about the Volkswagen Passat CC, not the boring sedan version, the slippery seductive looking 4-door coupe like sedan?

Well, when the first Passat CC model arrived, many Malaysians were drawn to its seductive looks and sales were very good as it carried the same engine as the VW Golf GTI hot hatch. There were two variants, one with seating only for two in the rear and another with a rear bench seat for 3 persons.

This Passat CC took a considerable slice of the market segment which was dominated by the BMW 3 Series and the Mercedes C-Class. It even managed to out sell the Audi A4. This success was due to its gorgeous looks, quick and agile handling and a high comfort interior. 

Then in 2012 came a face-lifted Passat CC which was equipped with a 1.8-liter charged engine mated to a 7-speed dual clutch gearbox (DSG). The previous engine was a 2.0-liter TFSI working with a 6-speed DSG.

The looks of this CC followed along the lines of the previous CC. It was sleek with a low roofline and a commanding nose. The new grille was larger with wider inserts and a chrome finish. The rear lamp cluster brought a wider stance with a wider bumper offering. New fan blade alloy wheels shod with low profile tires were included. This Volkswagen CC was 4,802mm long; its wheelbase is 2,710mm. With a width of 1,855mm (without mirrors). The height of this four-door coupé was just 1,421mm.

Volkswagen Passat CC 2014 Used model

At its launch it carried a price tag of RM225,888 for the Comfort version and RM243,888 for the Sport version. Today, this premium Volkswagen can be found in the Malaysian used car classifieds for a price of between RM45,000 to RM55,000. There are plenty of units to choose from and they all come with the somewhat ‘similar mileage’ which is rather strange (must have been wound back) and all carry the same ‘king of car condition’, ‘best unit in town’, ‘100% worth to buy’, ‘careful owner’, and so on statements.

Used car dealers should start being more creative and use new, better meaning statements to attract buyers who are getting more ‘car educated’ and not use these ‘old’ sales statements.

If you think, this is the car for you, please take note that you MUST get its service/ maintenance history (at least for the last 2 years). This Passat CC 1.8 TFSI like its other siblings all suffer from early years of sub-standard dealer maintenance. Most cars have seen more tow truck mileage than actual driven mileage if given to the wrong hands to work on. 

2010 VW Passat CC 2.0 TFSI used

Today, there are many after market workshops (we can recommended a few trusted workshops if you need assistance) that can look after your Passat CC without a hitch.

So, once you have found a unit you like, you need to inspect it. Step inside this CC and you will be greeted with a cabin with typical VW quality materials and finishing in all areas. Knobs and buttons will be marked and scratched and your radio display might be misty. Do not worry. All buttons and knobs can be replaced at about RM450.00 or so with new parts that can be bought online easily. The misty radio screen can be repaired for less than RM250.00. (we can recommend the shop as we have done this with our Golf GTi). 

This Volkswagen Passat CC comes equipped with a multi-function leather steering wheel with control for DSG, MFD and radio, electrically adjustable front seats, driver’s seat with memory, electric parking brake with auto-hold function, nappa leather seats and the RCD 510 touch-screen radio with 6 CD changer and 8 speakers. Make sure all are in perfect working condition. 

Starting the engine is done with a key slot and a ‘push’ of a button. It must ignite with silence as the cabin is well insulated. If you hear the engine noise on idle, then you need to check this. The gearbox is the next worry. Please drive slowly at first, checking to make sure the gear shifts are smooth and not hesitating on fast pickup speeds. 

For a 1.8T engine, this engine should not feel lethargic or in need of more power. It must deliver in spades in city traffic. On the test drive, please switch off the radio to listen out for unwanted noise from the steering rack, suspension and engine bay. It should be quiet. Once that is done, then you can increase the ac blower and radio volume. 

We suggest that you look at a 2014 unit asking for RM49,000 which can easily be negotiated down to RM44-45,000 and with a 6-year old car you can still get a loan to buy it. With the older 2012 model, loan might be an issue.

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