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Is This Japan’s First GR Yaris Crash?

The half cut could be arriving soon

The Toyota GR Yaris has only been on sale in its home market for four months, but someone has already managed to crash one of the hotly talked about hatchbacks.

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The pictures shared by M9 Auto show a black GR Yaris sitting on a lot with heavy damage to its front and rear. We’re not sure how fast the car was travelling before it crashed but the impact was strong enough to rip the front bumper almost completely off.

The front right fender is also damaged beyond repair while the hood, which is made of aluminium, is badly crumpled. Both of the front wheels appear to be in fine shape but the visible fluid spillage means that the owner has bigger things to worry about.

Round the back, the shattered windscreen and the missing taillights and tailgate garnish show the severity of the impact endured by the GR Yaris. The diffuser and exhaust were also not spared. So far, everything points to the possibility that the car might have been rear-ended by another vehicle. Could it be that it was involved in a chain collision?

Looking at the damages, it is likely that this unfortunate car will be declared as a write-off by the insurance company. That would be a shame because a road-legal, WRC-bred car like this doesn’t come around very often and Toyota is only making 25,000 of them. Plus, this particular unit barely made it past the break-in period with only 1,048 km on the odometer.

In Japan, the GR Yaris is offered in four grades, namely the RZ, the RZ High Performance, the RC and the RS. Priced at 2,650,000 yen, the RS is basically entry-level variant of the GR Yaris, featuring a 1.5-litre three-cylinder Dynamic Force engine mated to a Direct-Shift CVT that drives the front wheel.

The Malaysian market gets approximately 200 units of the GR Yaris with the Performance Pack as standard. Apart from the 1.6-litre turbocharged three-cylinder engine, six-speed manual and GR Four all-wheel-drive system, the car is also equipped with 18-inch BBS forged alloy wheels, Torsen LSD, and stiffened suspension setting.

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