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Published on February 4th, 2021 | by Daniel Sherman Fernandez


Do Not Strip Off Your Car Tint Until You Read This

Mazda vehicle owners please take note about your car tint.

Mazda vehicles owners who have bought their cars in the last few years and have Skytint window tint installed from Bermaz Motor, please take note of the following and share this with your Mazda car club friends. 

It is really not worth your effort to strip off the Skytint film on your windows. The retail price of this window tint is RM3,600.00 for a small sports utility vehicle (SUV) which Bermaz Motors offers to all its customers and there are ‘some’ rival window tint suppliers who will claim they have a better product and persuade you to rip your Skytint off and install their sub-standard or sometimes even fake window tint. 

Car Tint_Skytint

Yes, some of the big window tint brands do have fake versions on sale in many independent car window tint shops and they often offer car (body) coating promotions with great value window tint at a hard to resist combo price. 

Please note that the fake or sub-standard window tint business is big profit earner and many Malaysian car owners get played day after day.  

Over the past year or so, since we ran some articles highlighting some of the issues of car window tint in Malaysia (where there are some con-job and also some sub-standard window tint being sold with high promises) and we have had some of these business owners contacting us and ‘warning’ us to shut the &^#@-up.  

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We just want Malaysian car owners to get value for their hard earned money and not get ‘played’ by car window tint shops that close down after a few years of selling fake tint to un-knowing and naïve car owners.

Just this week a reader wrote to us asking advice as he was about to strip of his new Skytint to install another window tint brand. This is our advice to him. 

Skytint is running an official darkening campaign with Mazda (Bermaz Motors) for all its customers. 

It is suggested that Mazda owners to drive to the Skytint office (wait for this lockdown to end) and they will demonstrate the effectiveness of the Skytint on their film testing machines which come from Japan. All their window tint film is imported from Japan and they have all the relevant documents and warranty to confirm this (they have had an international presence for over 60 years). 

It is common for car owners to get confused between: 

  • TSER – Total Solar Energy Rejected is the percentage of the total solar energy that is rejected. TSER includes all three: visible light, infrared and ultraviolet. The higher the percentage, the higher the percentage of solar energy deflected. Most window film/tinting shops use Infrared Rejection (IRR) as a guide to the level of heat rejection but IRR only covers 1/3 of TSER. Internationally, TSER is used as a guide as it is a more accurate way of measuring heat rejection as it includes all three (visible light, infrared and ultraviolet).
  • UVR – The percentage of UV that is rejected. In the window film market nowadays, it can go as high as 99%. This is important and one of the main point that everyone needs to look for while purchasing window films/tints.
  • IRR – The total infrared light (IR) rejected.

It is all in the selling pitch

Jasa Sarjana (Skytint) management says that all you need to really do is just add another darker layer on top especially to the rear windows and then you get a darker car whilst maintaining the required Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalanraya (JPJ) mandatory limits for car window tint. 

For more information regarding Skytint by ICE-U that is manufactured and owned by Riken Technos Corp or for enquiries regarding installation, visit or contact official distributors Jasa Sarjana Sdn Bhd at +60 3 5569 2230.

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