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Published on August 13th, 2022 | by Sounder Rajen


PLUS And Volvo Trucks Malaysia Establish Road Safety

This partnership is also to establish sustainable solutions for heavy vehicles

Plus Berhad Malaysia (PLUS) is collaborating with Volvo Trucks Malaysia (Volvo) to ensure safety and sustainability for heavy vehicles in Malaysia and the managing directors of said companies sealed the deal today by signing the agreement at the PLUS headquarters.

This unprecedented collaboration between the two companies will see them both exchanging expertise and industry technology and resources to achieve a safer system for all heavy vehicles on the highways in Malaysia.

This collaboration will also make it easier for PLUS to plan and develop electric vehicle (EV) charging stations for commercial use across the PLUS highways.


PLUS managing director, Datuk Azman Ismail said, “PLUS is now developing the charging infrastructure required for electric passenger vehicles on our highways. This includes electric trucks and commercial vehicles in the future.”

This collaboration will also see Volvo introduce their first electromobility vehicle in Malaysia, this is in line with the company’s global effort to reduce their carbon footprint. Volvo is committed to improving safety across the highways through their 3E approach which encompasses engineering, enforcement and education.

PLUS and Volvo will also work together to develop a safety program for heavy vehicles with the aim of equipping drivers with better safety knowledge and vehicle handling. This program will also be available to PLUSTrack members to improve their safety while on the PLUS highway.

“PLUSTrack is a program developed by PLUS for commercial and heavy vehicle users on our highways. This program aims to improve customer experience for commercial vehicles while adding value through rewards, loyalty schemes, specialty programs and education through our partners.” Added Datuk Azman

This also allows Volvo to carry out their global initiative of gender inclusivity called the Iron Women program. It is a strategic partnership that allows Volvo to improve the socioeconomic status of professional truck drivers in Malaysia and encourage equitable sharing of resources and participation between men and women.


Datuk Azman concluded by saying “We are excited to be on the front lines of pioneering change. We sincerely hope this partnership with Volvo Trucks Malaysia will be a positive step to increasing user safety on the highways and push forward electromobility in the commercial vehicle industry.”

I think this is a great first step in the right direction if safety is the goal. What do you think? Will this collaboration yield better highway safety in Malaysia?

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