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Published on April 18th, 2023 | by Sounder Rajen


Nissan Arizon EV Concept Revealed And The Future Of EVs Looks Bright

If all or most future EVs follow the the Nissan Arizon, I’m all for it

Okay, so by now, most of our readers should know my opinion on electric vehicles (EVs) and electrification in general. For our newer readers, in short, I have no problem with EVs but I feel many countries like Malaysia need to improve our charging infrastructure first before EVs can be viable.

I also think that instead of outright banning internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles altogether, we can simply go hybrid, but as we all know, this is just wishful thinking at this point as the whole world is slowly going full EV. I have little faith in this kind of future but Nissan has just given me some faith with its Arizon concept.

Moreover, the Nissan Arizon concept was created by a Chinese team leveraging the Japanese brand’s global EV expertise, and is designed to serve as a multifunctional partner for Chinese drivers and just based on how the car looks alone, I am more hopeful for the electric future of the world.

The Nissan Arizon concept brings an exciting new EV experience to China and has an impressive exterior design and a richly appointed cabin that exudes a warm, high-tech glow. It also looks spacious and comfortable plus it has suicide doors, like a Rolls-Royce, so I hope Nissan eventually sells it outside of China too.

Built on the CMF EV platform, the Nissan Arizon concept also boasts a low center of gravity and a spacious, pillarless open-air cabin with an expansive auto-dimming glass roof. Most of this technology is brand new and to have all of it in one package is truly exceptional.

On top of that, the Nissan Arizon concept features a new virtual personal assistant named Eporo that elevates the driving experience beyond mobility. It can reportedly interact with passengers in a human-like manner and provide accurate responses regarding time, weather and other data. This is the most exciting feature to me.

The Nissan Arizon concept also features an innovative interactive lighting system that can automatically adapt the illumination to suit individual preferences. The lighting ambiance can also be adjusted through intuitive modes including leisure, relax, sleep and surprise, providing premium hospitality with seamless, personalized interactions.

The Nissan Arizon concept was imagined in China for Chinese customers looking for a personalized solution beyond just mobility and being a concept, no official numbers for range, power figures and more were revealed but I sincerely hope it actually has decent power and range as it might be an international success if it manages this.

What do you guys think of the Nissan Arizon concept? Would you like to see a fully operational version in Malaysia and what do you think Nissan should make the range of this car be when fully released?

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