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Published on August 3rd, 2023 | by Sounder Rajen


Get A Load Of The Updated Tesla Model 3 Ahead Of Its Official Launch

The updated “Project Highland” Tesla Model 3 sports a new look inside and out

Recently, Tesla had confirmed that it would be updating the Model 3 sedan with a new interior and exterior look and dubbed this new version of the sedan, “Project Highland.” Now with the updated Model 3 set to launch soon overseas, some spy hots of the car have been taken. See them all here.


A handful of new spy images of the heavily-revised Tesla Model 3 have been shared on social media, giving fans the best chance they will ever get to see the new car and to get an idea of some of the changes that have been made to it before the American automaker officially launches it.

Moreover, these high-resolution photos of the updated Tesla Model 3 were taken by Y2KColin on Twitter and show a prototype in Palo Alto, California with black cladding over the front and rear fascias. This cladding hides a lot of the car’s updated design but luckily, provides a complete and unblocked view of the inside of the car.


Few changes are visible but the door handles seem identical to the outgoing model. The most prominent change in the updated Tesla Model 3 is a small crease that extends from the side mirror housings on the front quarter panels along the front door. This is a design feature present in the Model Y that is new on the Model 3.

On top of that, some reports also claim that Tesla has equipped the updated Model 3 with a new camera positioned low on the front fascia and that the car will use the brand’s latest Tesla Vision system that completely ditches ultrasonic sensors in favor of cameras.


While not entirely visible in these images, it is widely believed that significant changes will be made to the headlights, taillights, and bumpers of the new Tesla Model 3, all of which should combine to make for a sleeker and more visually-appealing sedan overall.

A series of modifications are also believed to have been made to the car’s interior and if reports are true, they will be far more comprehensive than a traditional facelift. Updates could include the yoke steering wheel of the Tesla Model S and Model X, an increased focus on recycled materials, and even an ambient lighting system.

It is not yet known when Tesla plans on releasing the new Model 3 in The U.S but it is probably safe to say that it will be years before we see this car in Malaysia as even when Tesla eventually brings in the Model 3 to Malaysia, it will be the older model. After all, many Malaysians seem more than happy to pay for old Tesla cars.


We got all this from Carscoops and their full article is linked here. Thank you Carscoops for the information and images.

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