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Published on April 20th, 2024 | by Sounder Rajen


Michelin Malaysia Strengthens Commitment To Sustainable Growth Through Innovation

Michelin Malaysia is showing its values and commitments to its customers and partners

Michelin Malaysia, one of the world’s leading tire companies, today unveils updates to its ever-growing portfolio, as well as its latest business direction for the Malaysian market. The business direction aims to innovate for a better life in motion, promoting an all-sustainable approach and optimising performance. 


While Michelin Malaysia is doing all this, it is also continuing to deliver long-lasting products and unique experiences, exemplifying the brand’s commitment to innovation both on the road and beyond here in Malaysia.

Moreover, the year 2023 marked a remarkable performance for the Group, with operating income reaching an all-time high of €3.57 billion (about RM18.3 billion). This achievement was supported by a strong mix, improved operating performance, and the lagged price effect from 2022. 


In Malaysia, the premium mix impact is particularly significant, with the 18-inch and above rim segment in Passenger Cars doubling in size over the past five years, reflecting the trend of SUV growth in Malaysia as well as in many other parts of the world as well.

On top of that, in a bid to bolster Michelin’s presence and accessibility, the number of TYREPLUS outlets, MICHELIN Expert Centre and distribution centres expanded to 211 locations in Malaysia, ensuring consumers across the nation have convenient access to its high-quality products that many Malaysians love and use. 


Michelin has also expanded its product offerings by introducing VELO (bicycle) tires to the Malaysian market in 2023, aiming to revolutionise the riding experience for cyclists across the nation. Each tire is intricately designed for long-lasting safety, durability, and performance.

What’s more, at the core of Michelin’s global All-Sustainable approach, with “People, Profit, and Planet” as guiding principles to be achieved by 2030, Michelin continues to ensure that each innovative product is people-centric, value-creating, and sustainable in 2024 and showcasing its commitment to a sustainable future all together.


In Malaysia, the increasing demand for electric vehicles (EVs) is evident, bolstering Michelin’s readiness for the EV surge. Michelin affirms that their tires have always been EV-ready, equipped with their inherent advanced tire technology to provide the best value for money proposition. 


Given the instantaneous torque of electric motors and the weight of the battery, tires tend to wear out faster on EVs compared to internal combustion vehicles. Michelin tires are engineered to offer a significant advantage in terms of lifespan over those of its competitors and make every trip more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

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