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Published on June 20th, 2024 | by Sounder Rajen


Maserati MC 20 Icona & Leggenda Celebrate The 20th Anniversary Of The MC 12

Two more limited edition Maserati MC 20 pay homage to the timeless MC 12

Maserati’s tribute to its illustrious racing history unfolds through the MC20 Icona and MC20 Leggenda, commemorating two decades since the pivotal return to motorsport glory with the legendary MC12 in 2004 and both could not look any better if they tried.


This iconic Maserati MC 12, revered in both its road and track variants, served as the muse for the development of the MC20 super sports car, which made its debut in 2020 featuring the brand’s iconic V6 Nettuno engine.

Moreover, the MC20 Icona and MC20 Leggenda are exclusive editions, limited to just 20 units each, designed to honour different facets of the MC12’s legacy. The MC20 Icona pays homage to the MC12 Stradale with a striking livery that echoes its historic racing colours. 


This design not only reflects Maserati’s deep-rooted racing heritage but also draws inspiration from iconic models such as the Birdcage Type 61. It incorporates bespoke elements from the Fuoriserie customization program, including finishes in Bianco Audace Matte and Blu Stradale, embellished with the distinctive Fuoriserie logo and the Italian flag emblem.

In contrast, the MC20 Leggenda celebrates the MC12 GT1’s achievements under the Vitaphone Racing team banner. Adorned in Nero Essenza and Digital Mint Matte, its livery exudes the spirit of racing prowess, accentuated by unique trident wheels, yellow highlights, and a purpose-built racing interior featuring lightweight monocoque seats and exclusive badging.


On top of that, both the MC20 Icona and MC20 Leggenda exemplify Maserati’s commitment to blending performance with luxury. Equipped with a sophisticated Sonus faber sound system, a carbon fibre interior package, electronic limited-slip differential and advanced safety technologies, these models offer a premium driving experience expected of Maserati.

The MC20 series not only celebrates Maserati’s dominance on the track between 2004 and 2010, where it clinched numerous victories and championships in prestigious events like the FIA GT series and the 24 Hours of Spa, but also underscores the brand’s ongoing dedication to innovation and excellence.

Maserati MC20 Cielo

Originally propelled by a potent Ferrari-derived V12 engine, the MC12 Stradale boasted a remarkable top speed of 330km/h, cementing its status as one of the fastest production cars from Maserati. Today, the MC20 Icona and MC20 Leggenda continue to uphold this proud legacy, serving as a bridge between Maserati’s storied past in motorsport and its future, defined by cutting-edge style and technological advancement.

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