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Published on February 23rd, 2021 | by Daniel Sherman Fernandez


When Will Malaysian Drivers Learn To Use A Dustbin

Drivers Need To Be More Aware Of Others With A Smartphone.

This is not a new disgusting habit with some Malaysian drivers. This is an ongoing problem in all out cities and also small towns. At traffic lights, in car parks, outside people’s homes and even right in front of government buildings, you can see ride hailing, taxi, private car, ride sharing drivers, school bus and van, truck and bus drivers included throwing rubbish out their car window when they park, stop for a minute to wait for the traffic to move and even when they arrive at their destination (except at their own homes). 

Dirty Driver caught in action

We see it everyday, we mutter in disgust when we see them doing it, we even want to correct them, but it is best to just take a picture and make an example of them. However, it is not easy to have your smart phone camera ready when they ‘commit the crime’ of discarding used face masks, used tissues, empty canned drinks, food plastic wrappers and even ‘food tau pau’ containers on the road/pavement outside their window. 

BHP_Euro5 diesel_Driver

The picture here comes right after the ‘disgusting’ habit was done by a ride hailing driver. We went early this morning as usual to get a loaf of bread on our way to send our eldest son to school. As we parked we saw the driver of this blue car throwing an empty water bottle out of his window. There was already some rubbish as you can see on the road next to him. Was he littering without any conscious?

We did not want to judge him immediately and as we walked past his passenger side we looked inside and saw him still eating a snack with another drink can in his cup holder. So we know for sure that this ride hailing driver had stopped for breakfast and was just chucking his rubbish outside as he finished. We understand how hard some drivers work, 12-16 hours a day, but this is not acceptable at all. 

Caught in action

So, why did not not have a stern word with him? Well, he was a large sized person and we were sure he would retaliate due to his low mentality. Also, we were on the way to send our oldest child for his first day of Form 5 exams and this was not the time.

So, we are publishing this article with an idea in mind and want some suggestions from our readers who want a better Malaysia. We want to start a new Facebook page. Like the ‘stupid parking idiots page’ on FB that educates Malaysians to park properly (yes it is slow and painstaking process), we want to start the ‘dirty and disgusting idiots’ FB page.

We welcome any suggestions from you. Please also feel free to suggest a better and more effective name to get more Malaysians sharing pictures and videos of disgusting Malaysian drivers. It is time to make a change, especially with Covid-19 and the need for us to be clean. 

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