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Published on July 28th, 2022 | by Sounder Rajen


Is NASCAR Confirmed To Be Going Electric Soon?

According to these leaked documents, we may see an all-electric NASCAR series as early as 2023


For those who are unsure about what NASCAR is, they are an privately owned American company that sanctions and operates auto races, primarily, stock races. They sanction over 1500 races in over 100 tracks in Canada, Mexico, Europe and 48 American states every year.

Recently, NASCAR has found their way into the spotlight as some documents, detailing their plans for electric vehicles being introduced into the series, have been leaked. If these leaked documents are accurate, then we could see NASCAR debut a prototype electric vehicle as early as 2023.

Coincidentally, the timeline on this just so happens to be slightly ahead of their 2023 Busch Clash event at the Coliseum. Before you start getting curious, no, not the Colosseum as in the gladiator ring in Rome, the LA Coliseum.

However, while NASCAR did not directly address the leaked documents, Steve O’Donnell, an American Television Writer who was recently promoted to Chief Operating Officer for NASCAR had some interesting things to say.


Following this promotion, O’Donnell pointed out that brands like Ford, Chevrolet and Toyota have shown a keen interest in utilizing electric vehicles in NASCAR competitions. That article by NBC Sports is linked here.

O’Donnell elaborated, “We are exploring some opportunities around an exhibition series in that space, and as everyone knows, there’s a huge push across all of our (original equipment manufacturer) partners, and even potentially new OEM partners. So it’s important for us to explore that space. I think there’s a lot of interest from our current partners to be part of that.” 

“Wait, NASCAR going electric? But half the fun of the races are the deafening roars of the good old combustion engines,” we hear you say? Fret not, O’Donnell assured the fans, whom he described as “very open,” and he assures us that NASCAR will always be fun and entertaining.

O’Donnell added, “But for us, the race has to be entertaining. Our fans, they love noise. They love the sound, the feel of racing. So if we’re going to get into the electric space, I promise you, it will be entertaining, and it’ll be something that fits into our portfolio and something our fans will be proud of.”


Well there you have it, it has been a crazy two years for everyone and we have all adapted so well and with it we have a new world. Perhaps electric vehicles in NASCAR may also be the next step in a new normal.

What do you think? Would you be excited for an all-electric league in NASCAR or are you not ready to give up the sweet symphony of engine noises?

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