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Published on September 28th, 2022 | by Sounder Rajen


Toyota Hilux Remains Best Seller With Almost 8 To 10 Months Waiting List Despite Strong New Rivals

So why is everyone choosing the Toyota Hilux over the competition, then?

When I say pick up truck, what is the first thing that pops up in your mind? Perhaps you think, road bully? Perhaps you’d laugh while recalling that video of a pick up truck driver driving over a curb to avoid traffic, but the one thing most of you had in common is that you pictured a Toyota Hilux in your head.

Toyota Hilux

Well, maybe. I can’t speak for everyone but most people I know, myself included, tend to picture a Toyota Hilux in their minds when someone says “pick up truck,” and for good reason.

Despite there being more stiff competition than ever with the Mazda BT50, the next-gen Ford Ranger and Mitsubishi Triton and more, the Hilux is still a bestseller.

So why is it that despite the fact that there are a bunch of other pick up trucks on the market, people are still flocking to the Toyota Hilux to the point where the waiting period is now some 8 to 10 months? The answer is obvious, the Toyota Hilux is a jack of all trades but also a master of some. Confused? Let me explain.

So the Toyota Hilux does almost everything well, it is comfortable, it is capable off-road, it has modern features and tech, it is spacious and it looks good. Not to mention, the current Toyota Hilux Rogue comes with a 2.8 turbo diesel inline four engine putting out 202hp and 500Nm of torque which makes it a decent highway cruiser as well.

Toyota Hilux

On top of that, the Toyota Hilux comes equipped with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto and a whole host of safety features including PCS, LDA, Radar Cruise Control, BSM, HAC, a trailer sway control system and seven airbags. This alone is a major plus point when some new 2022 cars only come with 2 or 4 airbags.

Moreover, the Toyota Hilux has a stellar reputation just like the brand Toyota. People equate it with reliability just as much as people equate the Hilux with ruggedness and toughness. In this regard, it is the master of reliability.

So to summarize, the Toyota Hilux does most things very well and it is very reliable and tough, what more could anyone ask for in a pick up truck?

Toyota Hilux

What do you think of the Toyota Hilux, do you own one? I personally am not really a fan of anything high off the ground and prefer low slung coupes so I am rather indifferent but even I can acknowledge the quality the Hilux has and its superiority over the competition.

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