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Published on May 2nd, 2023 | by Daniel Sherman Fernandez


Which Other Car Manufacturer CHEATED On Safety Standards

We might have more news on safety standards coming from CrashGate very soon.

We are seeing a lot of negative reaction coming from Malaysian and also Indonesian Toyota, Daihatsu and also Perodua owners as the scandal surrounding the whistle-blower news on the ‘cheated’ safety standards on a number of new models from the Daihatsu Motor Corporation in Japan gathers momentum.

Safety Standards

Shocking because it a well known car manufacturer from Japan where honesty is a strict way of business life.

Safety Standards

Well, lets not forget what the Volkswagen Group more than a decade ago with their diesel engine emission cheat (dieselgate) that later extended a few other German car manufacturers who were caught using the same cheat devices to get ‘approved’ diesel emission statistics in order to better their sales figure. (the same could be happening here where other car manufacturers have been cheating on the crash tests and still to be found out……give it enough time they will also be caught).

More than 11 million VW Group cars worldwide were affected and today European car buyers shun diesel power and want battery power.

But are electric cars really that safe? Especially with very fast research and development time to get these cars to consumers before the dozen or so Chinese made electric cars flood the globe.

Well, are the many new Chinese car manufacturers actually doing enough crash tests?

Could they be rigging crash and quality tests to get their shiny emission free machines to eager buyers?

As we already know, in the past decade we have seen how vehicle safety standards have become a big priority with car buyers with the rise in fatal accidents pushing new car buyers to ask ‘how many airbag’s and 5-Star crash rating certification when buying a new car for themselves and also their children.

Can the safety standards bodies like Euro NCAP, ANCAP, and the GNCAP be trusted as it has been shown in this shared youtube video.

Lets not forget our very own SIRIM. Now the question we are wondering is this. If a large and well established car manufacturer can cheat on safety standards, then what about the many new Chinese car manufacturers that are rushing to produce shiny new stylish SUV’s and sedans with high voltage batteries to provide you with long driving range and technology filled cabin features.

Meanwhile, lets face the facts, by the end of May this year or maybe a week into June this year, all this will be forgotten and the car buying frenzy will be back to its normal high with safety standards and ‘CrashGate’ or and ‘SafetyGate’ quietly forgotten.

Want to take a bet with on this?

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